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Domestic advantages of investment casting

  Information technology is very important for the development of all walks of life, especially for the development of die-casting mold industry. Only by developing and making good use of information resources and making production and operation activities operate with the help of timely processing and smooth circulation of information, can the industry develop better and faster.
  From the perspective of national macro policies, industry development, international and domestic market capacity, the international and domestic market of large-scale precision and complex investment casting mold and die-casting mold is very large. Only Chrysler, a world auto industry giant, seeks for mold design and manufacturing intention in China with an order of 300 million yuan. As long as the technical equipment strength of the cooperative company is possible to obtain At the same time, our country's investment casting mold material is exquisite, the production is excellent, the size precision is high, conforms to the customer standard request, the service life and the casting quality has reached the international advanced level, simultaneously has the obvious price superiority.
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